Services: Sundays at 8:30am and 11:00am
3765 Mountain View Road Gainesville, Georgia 30504

Missing Service Updates? sNOw way!

As you've no doubt heard from your local weather forecaster (or child), snow is a-comin to our area!

With the winter weather comes the possibility of service delays or cancellations, and now is a perfect time to familiarize yourself with the many methods of staying updated of any changes to our service schedule!

We'll of course always announce any changes through our own mediums first, including:
Our Mass Call/Text System - Contact Bobby to be added
Our Website - You're already here! See how easy this one is?
Our Facebook Page - Give us a "Like" while you're there! 

Internet & Television:
WSB-TV (Channel 2)

Internet Only:

With that many ways to stay in the loop, there's no reason not to know what's going on!

So be smart, stay updated, and don't be that person that shows up to a closed Church on a snow day!


-Your friendly neighborhood Booth team!